Our esteemed panel of judges are currently using their industry insight and expertise to judge the record-breaking number of entries we received for this year’s EVCOM Clarion Awards. The entries were predominantly from the film side, reflecting the past two years and the impact Covid-19 has had on the corporate events sector. We are looking forward to re-introducing some event specific categories in 2023 in the confident belief that the events industry will have plenty to contribute by then.

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ was the most popular category, which is a promising testament to a world working to change. There have been concerns that the Black Lives Matter movement has been forgotten by mainstream media and organisations, despite racism remaining prevalent. So it’s powerful to see that so much work is being commissioned by clients and corporations in this area, for both internal and external audiences. Films supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and the disabled community are also more prevalent in this year’s submissions, again a really positive indication of changing mindsets and increasing awareness.

Covid-19 saw many people’s education move online and the popularity of the ‘Education and Training’ category this year reflects this. The category boasts a whole range of entries, from dynamic explainer films to interactive platforms, and combinations of the two. Clearly many corporate film agencies have been working hard to creatively meet the demand for online resources to educate and train a range of demographics across a range of topics.

Longer films made more of an appearance in this year’s entries, highlighting an emphasis on substantial content, longer narratives and educational pieces. Perhaps due to the nature of the work and its cause-driven work, most films chose to adopt a serious tone over a humour-tinted approach.  We also saw a lot of to-camera interviews, a theme we’ve seen continued on from last year due to the restrictions placed on filming by Covid. The popularity of the interview format shows a drive for real stories, told by the people they belong to. Or in the case of the education sector, knowledge imparted by experts in their field.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to this year’s EVCOM Clarion Awards. It’s always a pleasure to review so much powerful and varied work with a purpose! We

The EVCOM Clarion Awards ceremony is taking place in the afternoon of the 23rd June. Tickets will be available soon, but in the meantime, save the date!

Photo by Santi Vedrí on Unsplash

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