This week, we interview Dan, Creative Director at BCD M&E, who talks traffic jams, lockdown anthems and staying connected with friends and colleagues during the lockdown.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

I love seeing all the creative disciplines at our disposal working together to deliver a great solution for the client. Whether it’s live or virtual, the feeling of seeing a great creative team effort and a happy client really help in the job satisfaction stakes.

What is one thing you’ve learnt from the current crisis?  

That we CAN work remotely, with the new digital tools we have. Sitting in traffic jams day after day or travelling 2 hours on the train for a 1 hour meeting seems archaic now. I miss the office banter, but I think ways of work can and should change a bit after this crisis has passed.

What does creativity mean to you?  

Everything! Though I would say that. For me it’s what elevates a solution out of the mire. Who wants to be average? Creativity means you stand out.

Can you recommend a resource for us to check out – could be something you’ve found incredibly useful, a source of inspiration for you or just something that made you laugh at a difficult moment? 

You know what, one thing that’s helped right from the start is the WhatsApp group that was set up for fun and giggles. So many great meme’s shared and keeps you in touch, at least in some way, with colleagues in a social perspective.

 What TV show/ film/ book has been getting you through?  

Out Netflix consumptions has gone through the roof, but it’s not all gold, we’ve watched a few Turkeys. But ‘Ozark’ stands out the best, that and ‘Tiger King’! Also, my 5 year old son loves the ‘Floor Is Lava’ which is good, silly family fun for us all to watch.

What have you missed most during lockdown? 

So many things, but I things meal out with family and friends. The stuff you take for granted. At BCD we made a film about this actually:


Can you suggest a song to add to our summer playlist? 

With the temperature as it is at the moment, I’ll say Heat Waves by Glass Animals or House Music All night Long by Jarvis Cocker as the perfect Lockdown anthem.


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