EVCOM member Broadsword have created a guide packed with their insights on eco-friendly events, including a spotlight on leading suppliers, and blogs from their sustainability team.

Welcome to Broadsword’s guide to sustainable events. As the events industry takes steps towards a more sustainable future, our guide aims to provide a go-to resource to plan responsible events. Read blogs from our sustainability team and discover how, as an agency, we are approaching events with a sustainable focus.

As a business Broadsword have spent the last two years adjusting their operations to ensure, in an industry where we all know waste can be vast, the projects they support can be as socially responsible as possible. With a mission to “create experiences that add to our world” this is one of their core beliefs as we work towards B-Corp accreditation. With this in mind, this week we have released ‘A Guide to Sustainable Events’ driven by work they have been doing internally and externally of their business. Strategy Director Matt Green explains more:

“You may say Green by name green by nature! But, for me our sustainability drive goes much deeper. I specifically remember the time I felt like we needed, and our own way to try to do something about corporate event waste. I was at one of our events shortly after the events opened back following the COVID pandemic. We had seen while the world was at home carbon levels dropping globally as travel was restricted. It felt to me things were moving in a positive direction. In those first full 300/400/500 person events obviously all the focus was on keeping attendees safe, alongside over impressing stakeholders as these were the first events back. At one event I watched, close to the end of the lunch serving full platters of food coming out of the kitchen to be left, largely untouched for 10 minutes to then be taken back into the kitchen and thrown away. In my personal live I barely throw any food away, I always find a use for it! And it pains me when I do. For me this was the catalyst, how do we reduce food waste in our industry. Bringing this back to our team this sparked a conversation that has led us to where we are today.


This guide is a combination of this work to date. It is not however the completion of this project and we hope these insight can help reader join us on this journey.”


What’s included?

  • The future landscape of sustainable events
  • Hear from our sustainability team on balancing people, purpose and profit
  • Discover the venues and suppliers leading the way on environmental and social responsibility
  • Foster your understanding of sustainable practices
  • Implement actionable tips into your event
  • Read how we’re putting sustainability into practice in our latest case study

Whether you’re an industry leader or just beginning your journey toward reducing environmental impact, this guide provides collaborative insights to support your sustainable event planning. Hear from our MD and sustainability team as we share our insights, news, and practices including volunteering and event case studies.

Find out more and download the guide here.

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