As August draws to a close we hope that some of our members have managed to take some time off this summer! Inspired by that, we asked our members to send us their work on the theme ‘Taking A Break’, from films made on holiday, to films inspired by holidays, to haircuts!

Mocha TV share a footage of a Welsh holiday


Lockdown has been tough. By September our kids will have been out of school for six months. At times like this, it feels more important than ever to be present for each other.

I’ve been camping in North Wales every year since I was a baby. This year, we weren’t sure we’d be able to camp, so we booked a lodge at Naturesbase on a recommendation. We’ve never been to that area of Wales before, it took our breath away on every level.

Much love to the people we shared our time with, and to Alison and Giles – who have created something amazing. This is a montage of footage from the trip.


Enterprise Screen explores the history of San Francisco


Jamie (Founder/Director) with Enterprise Screen took a work trip to San Francisco in late February.  Always eager to find a Scottish connection in any city he visits, he took some time to discover more about the famous cable car system.  This video was created to celebrate world innovation day and combines archive with materials shot on this 1-trip excursion on the Powell Cable Car.  Even more reason to get San Francisco on your list of places to visit!


Hosmark Hotels take a break from bad hair days!


As we have moved out of lockdown, not one, not two, but ALL the team at Hosmark Hotels have managed to have a coveted post-lockdown haircut. This is a montage of the team looking pretty happy, as their hair is cut, coloured and styled for the first time in months!


Thank you to all of our members who contributed their wonderful work in response to this month’s theme. We hope amidst these strange times you have all managed to take a break, whether that’s on a beach in the sunshine or relaxing in your own garden!

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