Just because the EVCOM Clarion Awards are over, doesn’t mean we stop thinking about purpose and positive change. So for our summer member feature article we asked our members to send us work that linked to theme of progress. They responded with work that touches on progress of all kinds, from development to new thinking, raising awareness to repositioning in the name of sustainability.

CTL Communications create award-winning FAST Heroes Campaign to raise awareness around strokes


Saving the world, one grandparent at a time.

This noble goal united the World Stroke Organization, the Angels Initiative, the University of Macedonia, kindergartens and primary schools across EMEA to raise stroke awareness through the ground-breaking and award-winning educational programme, FAST Heroes. Focused on equipping young kids and their wider families with life-saving knowledge in a fun way, this campaign has reached over 90 million people and educated over 600,000 children in 6,000 schools across 26 countries to date. With support from Oscar-nominated actors like Jonathan Pryce and a Guinness World Record set, the ultimate target of teaching 1 million children worldwide is well underway.


A property development that’s doing it differently, captured by filmmaker Gavin Knight


There’s no doubt we’re in a housing crisis & some ‘PLC’ developers are using this as an excuse to cram as many houses as possible on greenfield sites without caring about the public infrastructure or local facilities required to support such new communities. The developers behind this project asked me to explain a new approach & bring their vision to life before a single stone had been laid!

My film looks at how the project aims to enhance a rural village with a new central Square to support new homes being built, all in a style that reflects & benefits the local area.


Top Banana work towards a greener future

At Top Banana, the concept of ‘Progress’ resonates deeply with our vision for a much greener events industry. Let’s face it, the events industry hasn’t always been the poster child for eco-friendliness. So, we’ve taken the initiative to reevaluate our approach and identify steps that can significantly impact our ecological footprint.

When we talk about ‘Progress,’ it’s not just about planning awesome events – it’s also about advancing towards a brighter, greener future. We realise that our work can both positively and negatively impact our world, so we’re passionate about creating a sustainable working environment. We believe in ‘Doing The Right Thing’ for us, our clients, and the environment. We’ve seen a surge in clients looking to do exactly this when looking to create memorable experiences for their people, environmental practices are becoming a growing factor in deciding an event partner, and we’re all here for it!

We’ve made huge in-roads with our network of suppliers, who are also looking to make climate-positive progress. Just minor changes to an event can make a huge impact. At an event earlier this year, when our client wanted to go meatless for 1,200 delegates, and we made it happen. The result? A jaw-dropping 7,220,400 litres of water saved and a whopping 200,400 kilograms of CO2 emissions cut down. That’s a win for the environment, and we’re loving it!

Boosting education and raising awareness about better environmental practices is absolutely crucial for both us and the wider industry. Using a more transparent approach and leveraging the power of social media, case studies, and blog posts, allows us to not only showcase our commitment to sustainability but also inspire others in the events industry to embrace similar practices. It’s the key to moving towards a much kinder, more sustainable planet.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Thank you to all our wonderful members who have contributed their projects and best practises to this member feature article.

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