As creatives working in the corporate film and events industries, our job is to offer clients a creative solution to their brief, whether we’re making a film or putting on an event. So for this month’s member feature article we asked our members to share projects where they’ve taken an unexpected approach, delivered something full of surprises or pushed a boundary for the industry or for a client!

Thanks so much to this month’s contributors. Take a look at their wonderful work below:

CTL Comms ask “What’s lungs got to do with it?”


As 12,000 attendees landed in Milan for EULAR 2023 (European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology), CTL Communications wanted to capture their imagination by posing this question before they’d even left the airport. Challenged to showcase the vital link between lungs and RA (rheumatoid arthritis) for our multi-national client, we crafted something truly memorable by transforming that question into our tagline and storytelling thread throughout the congress journey. Placing attention-grabbing assets in high-visibility areas, all centred around a fully-rendered 3D animated model of breathing lungs, that built unmissable brand awareness from the arrival hall to billboards, transport hubs, escalators and elevators. All culminating in an eye-catching video on the venue’s 7.5m high pillars and giant 5K LED screens.


 Worldspan revolutionise NHS recruitment


At the beginning of 2022, the NHS had an urgent need to recruit health and social care workers to fill vacancies left – in part – by COVID19 and resultant pandemic. Together with Indeed – their recruitment partner and our client – as their event agency we looked for innovative ways to fill these vacancies and to get more people into work – and fast!

We created a “mass hiring fairs” event model.

This ambitious undertaking saw a rapid rollout of “mass hiring fairs” across the UK – eight events at which more than 3000 candidates were invited, briefed, interviewed, vetted, offered, contracted and brought back into work on the same day and on the spot!


Plastic Pictures is On the Frontline of Creativity


Post covid, the worlds of film and events remain entwined. But how do you keep virtual formats fresh and lively, and deliver 97% engagement rates? Evolving and moving our creative thinking forward was vital. This was the challenge we were faced with for Get on the Frontline, an internal Unilever event to update and upskill their global marketing teams and advertising agencies on the latest consumer psychology, innovation and trends. It had to look like an event, feel like an event, but the deliverable was one 4.5 hour film. The answer…? Live TV!

Taking inspiration from telly classics like Big Breakfast and incorporating some essential cultural touch points, we created a fun and interactive TV show with an ultra-modern visual identity. We challenged the client to change the familiar, replacing the old green screen studio with a cool, East London location house. The bold, new set design drew our audience into the room and made cutting between contributors feel much more conversational. To spice things up and keep the audience tuned in, we tapped into Tik Tok creator trends and produced over 50 really clever and really fun short VT’s. It was the biggest undertaking in the shortest amount of time, but it all paid off! ROI results are the biggest and best to date – 2023 engagement was 97% compared to 78% the previous year. We love creating content that truly entertains, inspires and connects with the audience. It makes it all worth while knowing they love watching our work as much as we loved making it!


Thank you so much for sharing your work with the community!

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