For this month’s member feature article we asked our members to send us their work in line with our theme: ‘Nature’. Our members shared projects that have sustainability at their core, showcase the beauty of nature and raise awareness of the needs of our planet.

Take a look at our featured projects below:

Radley Yeldar raises public awareness around ocean health and sustainable fishing


In collaboration with the MSC for World Oceans Day, we launched a global campaign to bridge the gap between public awareness of ocean health and understanding sustainable fishing. The campaign introduced a positive narrative linking sustainable fishing practices to ocean health and numerous other benefits, countering negative portrayals like “Seaspiracy.”

We produced a series of social media films that use a playful visual editing technique to connect a series of images in quick succession, set to a catchy track and sound design. These films illustrate how sustainable fishing leads to more vibrant marine life, offering greater biodiversity and choices, and supporting fishing communities around the world.

The campaign tackled the misconception that “sustainable fishing” is contradictory by showing how it supports ocean life and increases fish stocks. This message is encapsulated in our core slogan: “Sustainable fishing means MORE.”


Reels in Motion showcase Staffordshire’s natural beauty


Reels In Motion proudly partnered with We Are Staffordshire to create a promotional video showcasing the area as a wonderful place to live, work and invest. As a Staffordshire-based company, Reels In Motion was thrilled to be selected for this project.

The brief was ambitious: over 100 shots at 60 different locations with a turnaround time of just three weeks. Winter added to the challenge, with frozen rivers, muddy ground, and bare trees making it difficult to capture enticing footage despite Staffordshire’s natural beauty.

Reels In Motion met this challenge head-on by filming at sunrise, which helped to highlight the region’s charm despite the conditions. One notable location was The Roaches, near Leek and Tittesworth Reservoir in the Staffordshire Peak District. A place famed for its panoramic views, as well as incredible hiking and climbing routes.

Ultimately, this approach resulted in stunning shots that aligned perfectly with the client’s vision. We Are Staffordshire were extremely pleased with the final video, which beautifully captured the essence of the area.


Behind a B Corp with Broadsword


To coincide with Broadsword’s announcement that we had become a B-Corp we talked internally about what format we should use to create to announce the news on our social media channels.

First and foremost, we asked ourselves the question why? Two years earlier and coming out of COVID we talked as a wider team about what Broadsword as a business could to do as a ‘force for good.’ Working predominately within the corporate event industry carbon usage, and waste can be significant. We agreed, as a business we wanted to do our bit to minimise our impact.

Fast-forward 24 months and Broadsword achieves its B-Corp certification and discussions begin on how to announce this. Nature has always been important to MD Anna Green. Woodland, beach or countryside walks with her whippet, Meg has been a staple part of her week for the last 12 years. The Pilgrim’s Way in north-west Kent dates back to between 600 – 450BC when pilgrims made their way towards Canterbury. Using this area as the backdrop to our announcement video seemed entirely fitting.

Being a B-Corp is not exclusively about being sustainable, moreover it is about being a ‘force for good’ combining this explanation within nature enabled us to emphasis the point. The area we chose and the timing we picked to undertake the shoot was key. Shot in a country park, in a field of wildflowers you can see lavender and poppy fields in the distance. A stream runs along the valley past a local roman ruined castle. Shooting while the sun was low in the sky gave us a stillness in both tone and imagery. Local wildlife was omnipresent and, although not fully featured within the final cut we were able to capture an array of birds, including indigenous birds of prey (a buzzard) along with water-skaters and cranes).

The highlight of our shoot was capturing the sun, with darkness in the background but beautifully golden yellow. In a week where rain was the order of the day capturing this footage provided the perfect opening shot of the video.


Live Union create a hybrid experience with sustainability at its core for Veolia


In 2023, Live Union and Veolia collaborated to create Spark, a hybrid experience for Veolia’s leadership with sustainability at its core. We didn’t just want sustainability to be a tick box; we wanted it to be the beating heart of the event.

Every element of the scenic design found purpose beyond the event, not a single piece destined for landfill. We collaborated with organisations such as The Orchard Project, repurposing trees used to dress one of the immersive zones, while carpets found a new home in a nearby equine centre. We partnered with Event Cycle, a social enterprise, who created tote bags out of set backdrops. We used WowGrass – a soil-free real grass that can be used several times and biodegrades when it reaches the end of its life.

Sustainability wasn’t just a theme; it was woven into every fibre of the experience. From the materials we used to the conversations we sparked.


2Heads set the Diamond standard in sustainably designed brand experience environments


In our latest project with global diamond icons De Beers, we activate their Building Forever vision at one of the jewellery industry’s key expos, JCK in Las Vegas.

De Beers are passionate about pioneering the ethical, social and environmental standards of their industry and aim to be the diamond standard of conscious business practices. As part of their Building Forever commitments they have challenged us to produce their global show program using the most holistically sustainable methods available.

Following the success of our partnership with De Beers in Singapore, our experiential solution blended the use of eco-conscious materials with luxury finishes and cutting edge immersive technologies to engage government and business delegates in the brand world of De Beers.

Through multiple storytelling touch points, guests could engage with all aspects of De Beers’ integrated business in a succinct, consumable way.

Built on a reusable sub-structure to minimise waste, the experience used sustainable materials (including OSB, compact cardboard, water-based paint and cork and sisal flooring) and featured planter walls where every plant was later donated locally and replanted.

An eco-concious strategy underpinned every element of the JCK event, from sourcing local materials and significiant logistic reductions, to rental systems and recycling policies for end of life resources. This strategy was mapped and referenced using the Trace carbon tracking platform to ensure carbon data was transparent, known and to create benchmarks for further evolution.

De Beers is known for perfection so no stone was unturned or detail forgotten as we designed and produced an experience that executed the high levels of finish expected of one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Find out more about the project.


DRPG showcases the OSET Electric Bike for Triumph


Triumph Motorcycles tasked DRPG with creating a film to showcase the OSET electric bikes, highlighting their capabilities and fun factor. Filmed at the Triumph Adventure Experience near Bannau Brycheiniog National Park in Wales, the shoot featured six experienced riders navigating challenging terrain. DRPG used a dual FPV drone and multiple cameras to capture unique and dynamic footage. Post-production focused on natural beauty and the silent, eco-friendly nature of the bikes. Triumph was thrilled with the final film, which premiered at an internal event and will be used for future marketing.


Thank you so much to all of our members who have contributed their work to this showcase!

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