At times like this, a bit of positivity goes a long way! So we asked our members to send us work they’ve made that is all about feeling good, whether it’s a film about how to cope during the current crisis, a project about key workers or ending loneliness, or a piece of work that’s just bound to put a smile on your face! Thank you to all our wonderful members who contributed their work, helping us to spread some joy!

Karma help the RCS to keep singing!

The Royal Choral Society (RCS) and the Royal Albert Hall (RAH) contacted Karma on the 03rd April to ask for our help with a project. The RCS have sung Handel’s Messiah every Good Friday at the RAH since 1876, except during the Blitz in WWII. With the Hall closed due to the pandemic Karma were asked if we could help to keep the tradition going. We arranged for over 80 of the choir to record their part of the chorus, along with the Music Director and an organist and to send us each recording over the weekend so we had three days to produce a film of all of them, edited and audio mixed. It was a resounding success with immediate and growing views.


Media Zoo celebrate working from home

As time goes by in these uncertain times, we’ve all had to adjust and to find our own version of the new normal. Here at Media Zoo we’ve built a strong community, both with our clients and our Zoo Crew, so we can weather the storm together. Our methods may be different, but our passion remains.

To showcase this, over the past couple of weeks our Zooers have been sending in their #workingit from home content, which we’ve made into the above film!


The Edge Picture Company tackles loneliness

Together with HAVAS Just:: we wholeheartedly support the Be More Us movement, which led to our involvement in this charity project. Let’s Talk More is an emotive short film starring Mock the Week comedian Andy Parsons, produced in collaboration with the charity – Campaign to End Loneliness.

We show the benefits of initiating small moments of connection and the influence it has on people’s everyday lives through comedy. According to polls taken by the Campaign to End Loneliness, 9 in 10 UK adults believe that small interactions with people every day helps to tackle loneliness.  Our hope is that the film will resonate with everyone who sees it and encourage them to look around and connect with others, even in the smallest way.

The film received a great amount coverage including being featured on ITV news, Talk Radio, The British Comedy Guide and has received nearly a million views on Facebook and Twitter.


Gavin Buxton Knight’s film highlights the importance of the postal service

This is a promo I made for the Italian Post Office through Bladonmore last year!  It demonstrates the various delivery options that are available to customers in a fun way.

As we all sit at home in self-isolation we have become very dependent on home delivery services, not only from our own Royal Mail & Post Office services but also from a host of other home delivery options. I’d like to celebrate the work that all delivery workers do because without them this lockdown would be unbearable. These people are working flat out like it’s Christmas week every week so that we can stay safe home & stay safe.

This project has also won a few awards: At the EVCOM London Film Festival @ the BFI last year it won SILVER & also at the US Film & TV Festival it won a Creative Excellence Award. This year at the Corporate Content Awards it won GOLD for Best Content.


Top Banana launch The Together Project

Amongst the madness that is the world right now, we thought it would be great to gather the thoughts of our employees, partners and friends to create The Together Project; a series of information to help our suppliers, clients and other companies with whatever they may be struggling with at this time. Through a series of blogs on working from home, a podcast series on positive and thought provoking thinking – as well as a Top Banana playlist and boredom fighting toolkit, our aim has been to keep, people smiling, the world turning and staying connected.


Tim Langford’s film shows the frontline heroes who set up the first GP practice park run in the UK

This is a film I made for Sky, sponsored by Vitality Health Insurance, about the Sloan medical practice in Sheffield who set up the first GP practice parkrun in the UK and are now on the ‘frontline’. It stars Dr. Ollie Hart and receptionist Jo Eccles, a remarkable, gutsy woman. Their work outside the surgery has transformed health care in that part of the city.

Jo messaged me the other week after hearing ‘Clap for Carers’ to say, “‘It made me cry although I know I can be a soppy sod anyway 🙂 Keep thinking about the party we can have when this is all over and we all emerge from isolation with our outgrown haircuts!”

And Dr. Ollie says, “Stay safe, and stay indoors.”


Sledge reminds us just how good hair can make us feel

Sledge’s film production team recently worked with Creative Head Magazine to produce a selection of branded content pieces for their partnership with Wella Professional. One piece of work celebrates the mentoring between Wella Professionals UK Colour Trend Expert Zoe Irwin and three up and coming Wella Passionistas which emphasises the feel good nature of hair colouring and how happy a new colour can make a client feel. The Passionistas talk about the happy side of their profession and the creative and technical aspects of the film evoke a feel good mood.


Welcome Italy puts magic into their events


Welcome Italy is a DMC based in Rome that has been operating across the entire country and its famous islands for over twenty years.

In a land of such amazing diversities, where traditions, culture, food change as you drive from north to south, it is our mission as much as our utmost pleasure to include the experience of the local culture in every one of our events. Events that are fun, entertaining, involving and always surprising…the ethos of Welcome Italy is to deliver experiences that not only are beyond reproach but that bring a sparkle of wonder to any corporate gathering, no matter the size or the budget.

Case in point is the tagline of our new logo (yet to be unveiled) that reads “share our passion for the unexpected”. Thus when you think you are going to “just another dinner”, this is when events take a sharp turn, generating surprise and amusement. One could even say magic…

Feel free to take a tour of the two videos above and you will see what we mean. Same client, two very different evenings: an Italian Street food festival and a dinner with the Godfather.


A-Vision shows us how connection makes us feel good

For a feel good themed article we had to include our film for AVAYA called just that: ‘Feel Good’.

AVAYA is a Global telecommunications company and they know all about connectivity. This video was part of AVAYA’s big rebrand that focused on their new tagline – Experiences That Matter.

The idea behind this emotive video was to showcase how seamless connections lead to growth, happiness, safety and many more great outcomes. The narrative takes us through many different industry sectors that AVAYA solutions cover such as healthcare, finance, hospitality, government, education and smart city. In the end, for AVAYA it’s all about Experiences That Matter.

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