This November should’ve seen people convening in Glasgow for the COP26 UN climate change. Whilst Covid-19 has made this impossible, we still wanted to shine a light on climate change and the work that our sector is making to respond to it. This member feature article is full of inspiring and impactful projects that stress how important this issue is. Thank you everyone who has shared their work this month!


Radley Yeldar celebrate recycling at Recycle Week


Recycle Week is a yearly celebration of recycling organised by Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign for England (managed by WRAP). Its aim is to rally support with corporate partners and the general public to encourage people to recycle more. This year’s campaign was all about ‘Togetherness,’ in a year when we all feel so apart. Recycle Week 2020 celebrates the unsung heroes who have kept the nation clean and waste-free – this year and every year.

The film is a thank you to our collection workers for carrying on, while everything else slowed down. And to the public, for continuing to recycle no matter what life throws in the way – to protect our nation and our planet for the future. The film ran across social channels and gained 26 million digital impressions – alongside running on YouTube, achieving 1.4 million views so far.


Gavin Knight sheds light on sustainable farming

Brands like Yeo Valley are passionate about good farming practises that encourage biodiversity & avoid artificial fertilisers.  Like the documentary “Kiss the Ground”, they argue healthy organic soil would help reverse Climate Change, even more than planting trees.  In a nutshell a healthy soil absorbs a massive amount of CO2, especially if farmers follow crop rotation systems & allow livestock to graze the land in ways long before artificial pesticides & phosphates were invented.  To promote organic farming & healthy soil, Yeo Valley created a giant sculpture on their land made out of cow poo that they shared on social media! This is one of Gavin’s photos from the project last year.

But it’s not just the big brands who should endorse better farming practices. Last year Gavin shot a film in Devon about a chicken farm that grows all its own feed for their chickens & then recycles the chicken poo to fertilise their crops!  Although only about half the chickens are free range/organic at the moment, the family see this as their future:


The Edge Picture Company create a film for Nuveen to promote sustainable and ethical investment


The film, created for green bond investment company Nuveen, shines a spotlight on the pressure that the planet is currently facing, with high C02 emissions and extreme weather events caused by humans. They share some difficult statistics about the reality of the situation the world is facing at the moment. The film then goes on to highlight what Nuveen is doing to invest in the future of our world and to fight climate change, and the possibility of green investments.


egi live communications work with easyjet to support their commitment to reducing carbon emissions with a 100% sustainable exhibition stand


On 19th November 2019 easyJet announced that they would offset carbon emissions from the fuel used for every flight across their network as part of their ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

egi live communications were asked to design and build a space at the 2020 Business Travel Show that had impact and supported this ongoing commitment.  Whilst maintaining their reputation for eye-catching and engaging exhibition stands, this was the first time that the overall stand’s Carbon Footprint was brought to the forefront of the process.

On receiving the brief from easyJet we challenged ourselves to design and build a stand which was 100% sustainable, involving every element of the process from brief to design, build to delivery and to recycling and storage.

We achieved our goal and 100% of the core elements were reused or recycled. Proving it can be done!  egi were delighted to recently win the ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’ at the CIT awards.  “Best Sustainable Initiative category where the judges considered submissions where the role of CSR exceeded industry norms or sustainable practice went above and beyond what was expect”

egi communications as a business strive to reach Environment and Sustainability Goals, and are proud to be developing a partnership with TripShift the first automatic travel carbon tracker due to be launched next year. Earlier this year we also designed Excellerate to help reduce one of our international client’s carbon footprint.  An immersive and engaging virtual process which is also currently helping businesses to jump start following the impact of the current Covid crisis.  It is a proven process which helps people to connect and align.

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