Technology is changing the way we can create events and film, as well as the wider world in general. So for this month’s member feature article we asked our members to send in work that responds to the theme ‘Technology’. From projects about cyber security and data, to projects which use and highlight new technology like artificial intelligence and real-time 3D technology, you can see the showcase below:

Jack Morton deliver experiences using real-time 3D technology

Technology should never be used just for the sake of it. That’s a guiding principle for Jack X, Jack Morton’s innovation practice. Technology is part of the process and it’s baked into our creative thinking, so it never feels bolted on.

A big driver, enabling us to create and deliver experiences in new ways, is real-time 3D technology (RT3D).

How? First, the constant development of mobile browsers and the features they now support enable us, with RT3D, to create some remarkable AR (Augmented Reality) experiences referred to as ‘webAR’. These experiences tend to be small bite sized pieces of content that surprise users by adding a fun moment to an experience and help drive added awareness. These are the gateway to deeper pieces of content which can be part of a website, registration for webinar, etc. The challenging part is that these must run on a wide range of devices that all have different performance capabilities. So making sure that we keep an eye on file size and the complexity of the 3d geometry is essential for successful webAr pieces since the 3d rendering is done in real time in the browser.

Creatively you can use RT3D to build truly immersive environments. For example, for a client exhibiting at Mobile World Congress we built a digital twin of the space using Unity3D. The 3D Visualisers and content team worked closely with our unity developer to create a 1:1 representation of the space. This helped our creative team immerse themselves in VR and experience the space before it was even created. They were able to make informed decision about the space because they could visualise and experience it. For example, audio content was triggered to play the moment someone entered the space, virtual ABB Robot arms were synced to video content and audio, etc. After experiencing it themselves, the creative team were able to adjust the content and the timing which was crucial to getting more people through the space.

Measurement is also essential for us and our clients; being able to collect accurate data as to how the space is used helps modify and iterate the layout based on floor flow and occupancy. With this data we can create a feedback loop; applying the same process model we use in our software development: define, design, develop, deploy, learn, evolve

As a leading agency we are always reviewing and evolving our processes as well as the tools and technologies we use to deliver and create experiences. This enables us to deliver the best work possible for our clients.

By Sebastien Jouhans, Technology Director of Jack X at Jack Morton


Shell’s Data Detectives

The brief was tough: “Convince some of the most experienced engineers & technicians in the oil & gas industry to embrace digitalization, rather than see it as a technological advancement that threatens their jobs.” The hunt was on for a cracking good story to demonstrate how data had unlocked a problem and convinced sceptical engineers to embrace digitalization.

By: Shell’s Creative Solutions: Journeyman Global & Content Engine.


2Heads fuse technology & sustainability to create a powerful experience

Technology has long been the best way to push the ‘brand-experience’ envelope, but as 2Head’s partnership with Bombardier at EBACE 2022 shows, it is now becoming the very heart of meaningful experiential marketing.

Bombardier had a very important message they needed ‘showing’ to their guests, a deep-seated evolution into sustainable development that they didn’t want to pay lip-service too. 2Heads created a series of ‘showstopper’ films that were broadcast every hour on the hour across twenty-five metre by eight metre LED screens. Crowds gathered to watch the films and absorb the important messaging that was the shared worldwide through the power of social media. The branded content added additional depth by referencing the sustainable materials and credentials behind the build of the physical experience.

Ever adapting, the wonderful thing about using film technology and the reason 2Heads love using it as the cornerstone of an experience is that it can also be repurposed, reimagined and reused for the next event – the definition of sustainable marketing.


Gavin Buxton Knight creates a film about a real cyber security incident

Recently I wrote & directed a confidential film through Embolden about a real cyber security incident at a petrochemical plant in the middle east.  The hackers had gained access to the safety systems that controlled the whole site.  One investigator said the situation was about as bad as it could get.

My documentary is about 20mins long, includes dramatic reconstruction, expert analysis & sensitive client information about how cyber criminals & state actors target critical infrastructure like this for political or warfare purposes, as witnessed in Ukraine recently. My film explains how to prevent similar attacks.

The project has had some amazing feedback due to its impact on senior leadership. More information is below but unfortunately we can share the film due to sensitive client information.

Thank you so much to our members for sharing their creativity using and about technology!

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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