This month’s member feature article called for work from our members that spoke to the theme of ‘growth’. This showcase features two pieces of inspiring work from our film community, one that speaks to growing awareness, and another that speaks to the physical act of growth, of building.

Ever Seen a Cow Driving a Truck? by Content Engine @ Shell

Growing an awareness of Renewable Natural Gas


Shell’s Creative Solutions Content Engine team produced a film with some very pretty cows and a lot of dung!  The film was made to grow an awareness of the advantages of powering trucks with Renewable Natural Gas.  Aimed at both the trucking and farming communities in the USA, the film demonstrates the opportunity for farmers to dispose of manure and for truckers to switch away from Diesel.  Compressed Renewable Natural Gas is one of many renewable energy sources that Shell is investing in around the world.  Director, Michael Massey couldn’t resist having some fun with the subject matter!


The Building of Citymark Centre by Dans Digital


Our life is just like the building. Thousands of perfect details make the perfect results. All great journeys start with a single step.

This one-shot film presents every detail of the whole construction process of the project with composite scenes created through three-dimensional technology and real scenes. The film almost fully reproduces the unique and advanced technologies and construction process of the building.

Thank you to Content Engine @ Shell and Dans Digital for sharing their work for this feature!

Photo by Alaina McLearnon on Unsplash

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