These days working from home, at least for a couple of days a week, has become the new normal for so many people. And there’s plenty of advantages to that: for parents and carers, for those who live far away from the office or want to avoid commuting, for flexibility for all.

But one thing that we miss out on when working from home is the underlying and constant staff development that comes from being around your colleagues, the kind that goes under the radar. It’s present in the office kitchen as members of different teams mix as they make coffee, and share insights from their different perspectives, insight that could go on to solve problems further down the line. It’s especially important for young people, who are able to watch senior colleagues handle situations, manage conversations and find solutions, and learn from what they see. It’s much less daunting, too, to ask a question over a desk than to pick up the phone to a senior team member if your uncertain.

In this new normal it is therefore more important than ever for employers to prioritise and make time for staff development opportunities for their organisations.

How can companies do that? By taking their teams to industry events.

Conferences, such as our upcoming EVCOMference, are an invaluable way to bring your team together and make the most of a programme of learning opportunities across a whole range of topics. Award ceremonies offer an opportunity for your team to come together to celebrate and recognise their achievements. Smaller, more subject focused events such as campfires are a great way to support the particular interests of individual team members, encouraging growth in an area they are passionate about. Events can offer inspiration, learning and connection. And a more connected team is a more invested team.

Attending EVCOMference is more important than it has ever been for your team. Book your tickets to join us on 2nd February at ExCel, London now.

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