Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, and what better time than today to hear from all the brilliant women who make EVCOM what it is! With a female chair of our Board of Directors, a female Exec-Director and an all-female internal staff team, International Women’s Day is a really important day for us. We spoke to some of the women from the EVCOM team, and asked them to share with us their thoughts, words of wisdom and why they are celebrating!

EVCOM’s new Executive Director, Claire Fennelow says, “As International Women’s Day 2020 approaches, I am reminded by this year’s theme, Each for Equal, how many great women have helped support me through my life.  Not just in my career but also in my personal life by providing coaching, mentoring and sometimes just a friendly ear over a glass of wine. Drawing attention to how women can help one another in any direction they choose to develop remains a constant requirement and being surrounded by strong, supportive women is an asset that cannot be underestimated.  I would truly not be where I am today without those women. And they know who they are!”

“I feel extremely lucky to work in such a creative industry and to have been at the front line of creating, producing and delivering some award winning events.  There have been many challenges building an event management agency as a woman, as you have to park any insecurities, fears or doubts about your ability, and be fair but firm in your decision making, strong in your convictions and kind and empowering in your leadership style.  Most large event agencies are owned by men but managed and operationally run by women.  Women owned agencies at a sizeable level are few and far between. I salute any woman who has taken the leap of faith into the world of company ownership, as it is not for the faint hearted but along with it comes immense reward and pride in the work that you do,” adds Charlotte Gentry, CEO & Founder at Pure Events and EVCOM’s chair. 

Angelee Rathor, Managing Director of Seven Events and EVCOM Board Member continues, “Starting my business just after having my first child was something people thought I was mad in doing! My mum was an inspiration to me as she also had her own business and 4 children…I knew it wouldn’t be easy but determination, a hunger for success and an amazing husband got me here! I hope I will inspire my own daughter to push the boundaries and reach for the stars! Happy International Woman’s day to everyone.”

“I consider myself lucky to be in an industry that has so many fantastic women (and men). As leaders in the events industry our job is to empower one another – male or female – and to not let expectations be blurred by gender. Fathers have ill children who need days off school in the same way mothers do, women have career aspirations and a need to ‘put bread on the table’ in the same way as men do. Let’s stand side by side and empower one another to be the best version of ourselves. Here’s to all the amazing women (and men) in my life. I know I couldn’t do it without you – at work or at home,” says Hayley Greaves, Operations Director at Ashfield Meetings and Events, and EVCOM Board Member.

Leigh Jagger, EVCOM’s outgoing CEO, wrote this for us on her last day with us at the EVCOM office: “I recently read one of those inspirational quotes which despite being cheesy, really resonated with me and I think is very appropriate on International Women’s Day to share it:

`Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!’

I have been incredibly fortunate both in my personal and professional life to have an amazing network of women (and men but we are celebrating International Women’s Day today!) who have supported me, shared my passion and believed in me. When we work together we can make amazing things happen!”

Thank you to all the incredible women, men and people (but especially women because it is International Women’s Day after all), who make this organisation what it is, who inspire us, who help us, who push and challenge us. EVCOM, and the world, is better place thanks to you!

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