The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events

Fellow event professionals – we hope you’re hanging in there and staying healthy and safe.

The uncertainty in our industry right now is forcing many to re-think their in-person event strategy and prompting questions around virtual events and their role in your overall event program.

To provide you with the answers you need, we’ve created a new eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events. In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to transition an in-person event to a virtual event at the last minute
  • Basics to consider when hosting virtual events
  • About technology that brings virtual events to life



Tips and Best Practices for Delivering Outstanding Virtual Events

Virtual and hybrid events aren’t new, but they’ve quickly become an indispensable part of many organizations’ total events programs. And even though there are quite a few execution aspects of in-person events that also apply to virtual and hybrid, there are some critical differences you need to lock down in order to hold engaging, memorable, and profitable events.

That’s why Cvent have created “Virtual Event Strategy for Dummies, Cvent Special Edition,” your step-by-step guide for virtual and hybrid event success—from pre-event best practices to post-event follow up.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a winning virtual strategy
  • Design your events with attendee experience, venue considerations, and sponsor/exhibitor value at the forefront
  • Utilize pre-event, day-of, and post-event best practices for virtual and hybrid events
  • Leverage new virtual technology tools to engage attendees



Virtual Event Sponsorship

79% of planners are going virtual, so creating a virtual event sponsorship package and finding event sponsors is a must—increasing your sponsorship dollars is the quickest way to impact your bottom line.

While in-person event sponsorship is very familiar, virtual events cannot rely on the same sponsorship packages. Learn the best ways to create valuable virtual event sponsorship packages right now, including:

  • Common virtual events sponsorship opportunities
  • How virtual and in-person events vary
  • 11 great virtual event sponsorship ideas


Use Event Tech for Virtual Sponsorship

Sponsorships are a key revenue driver for many events, including virtual. To maintain or grow your sponsorship dollars each year, you need to continually prove the value of the investment. That means maximizing sponsor exposure and offering new and creative sponsorship opportunities.

This is even more important for virtual events, where many of the more traditional sponsorship ideas may not apply. At Cvent, we’ve already helped our customers hold over 60,000 virtual events, just this year, opening the door for organizations to get the most out of this channel – and be able to collect the data to prove the value of their sponsorships. Want to learn more about event how tech can help you?



Engage Virtual Attendees at Meetings and Events

Getting attendees to join your virtual events is one thing, but keeping them logged on and engaged is another. With distractions just a click away, you will need creative ideas and helpful technology to keep your attendees focus on your event. The resources below will explore these challenges and give you tips & tricks for virtual event engagement.

18 Ways to Engage Virtual Attendees at Meeting & Events
Live polling, Spirit Days, and Swag are just a few of the tricks we have up our sleeve to keep attendees’ eyes glued to the screen- to see more, check out this blog post!



Free Virtual and Hybrid Events Training

79% of event planners are taking events virtual—but there is a day when in-person events will make its comeback! Cvent is offering virtual and hybrid events training courses designed to help you navigate the future of event and digital marketing.

We are offering two training courses to fit your unique total event program needs. Attend one or both for absolutely free until the end of the year—normally up to $395 each.

  • Virtual Events Training Course
  • Hybrid Events Training Course

With more than 30,000 customers and as the 20-year market leader in event marketing and management technology, Cvent is here to support you during this tough time. Together we can help our industry prepare for the future. In return for this free training course, we ask you to do your part to support the industry:

  • Reconnect with venues by sourcing your next three events through the Cvent Supplier Network (it’s also free).
  • Evolve your event strategy by scheduling a free, 30-minute consultation with a Cvent Event Strategist.
  • Share what you learn with your friends and colleagues on your social networks.



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