The EVCOM Clarion Awards, which celebrate creativity and excellence with a cause-driven focus, are currently open for entry. So we decided to speak to previous winner Dale Parmenter (DRPG) about why they’ve entered the EVCOM Clarion Awards before, what they’ve got out of it and why this scheme is important to them. 

Dale says, “Business can’t work in isolation anymore, they have to be fully integrated within the community, this means It’s essential all organisations demonstrate they have a purpose and have a commitment to creating a sustainable future for everyone, their customers , their people, their supply chain and their community. This means to attract new clients and the best people we need to communicate clearly what we stand for as an organisation. We are experiencing a marked increase in communication projects which demonstrates an organisation’s purpose and promotes a sustainable future.


The Clarions are very special and unique, they were way ahead of their time when they were launched and still today remain at the forefront of recognising great communication projects which promote sustainability. The Clarion Awards are more relevant today then they have ever been.


Over the years we have seen a range of work both visual and live which has brought to life the great work organisations are doing to promote their purpose and a sustainable future. In particular some of the projects which have promoted equality and mental health have had a huge impact of the audience and we are so proud when we can clearly see a film or event has made a positive difference and changed the attitudes and behaviours of the audience.


Purpose driven work will only increase, as we see a new breed of consumers and employees who demand organisations who care and have a clear, tangible purpose. Then we need to communicate these positive messages and make sure the days of ‘Green washing’ are over. Or else these new consumers and employees will vote with their feet. Our industry has a huge opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference and the Clarions are at the heart of this.”

Find out more and enter here.

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