By Claire Fennelow, EVCOM’s Executive Director

Last Friday I spent the morning in a freezing cold gym with all the doors flung open (Covid precautions) attending the Pimlico Academy Careers Fair. The event was aimed at Year 9s and Years 12 and 13 giving them the opportunity to meet with representatives from 50+ companies, organisations, sectors and professions and ask what they liked or to just get more information.

Apart from being cold to my core it was a hugely enjoyable morning and being able to let young people know of the vast array of opportunity that is on offer in the Corporate Film and Events world is hugely gratifying. Many of them hadn’t yet come to any conclusion as to what it is they want to do (at that age it’s a rare thing indeed) but I was able to at least let them know what kind of character traits (tenacity, stamina, the ability to communicate, team player) would help and what kind of roles they might work in. Many are not familiar with what an ‘event’ is let alone a ‘corporate event’ and film still means feature films or Tik Tok but when you press a little harder they all understood the Apple product launch model, brand films (particularly to do with clothing) and the work that charities do when communicating.

Providing young people with knowledge to help them make decisions and giving confidence that their skills sets are needed in many, many different roles is a really powerful way to spend a morning.

And the event itself was very well organised and ran like clockwork – a great example of event management!

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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