On the 28th of January 2021, UNFCCC and Positive Impact Events invited 39 people to a #BuildBackBetter Roundtable to discuss the event sector identifying a carbon target and reduction strategy to be launched at COP26 in the UK.

The report shares contributions from attendees of the roundtable, as well as responses from 1300 global ambassadors on questions around sustainability. It concludes with some thoughts on what our next steps could be:

There is a funding gap for the compelling future outlined in this report to become reality. Positive Impact has launched a grassroots campaign, Educate, to generate £30,000 to fund the UNFCCC framework. The education purchases will be on how you can deliver an event and advance the sustainable development goals, where 100% of the cost will go towards creating this framework.

However, this is not enough. COLLABORATION to close the funding gap and ENGAGEMENT to embed the ideas from this roundtable in the wider strategy for the UK event sector is required for the UK Event Sector to have a carbon target and reduction framework; the following benefits that would come with that are:

  • The UK Event Sector could be a leading example at the COP26 conference
  • UK could be the place to bring your events as we have the expertise and understanding to deliver them in a sustainable way
  • The UK Event Sector could have exportable skills in sustainability
  • The UK Event Sector could be a leader with a carbon target and reduction plan, which other countries can join.

Read the full report here: Events and Carbon Roundtable Report pdf.

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