Plastic Pictures


Who We Are

Plastic Pictures is an agency of ideas shapers and film makers.

Through our lens, we bring into focus concepts that grab the attention of audiences, change perceptions, and inspire action for the most mission-led companies and purposeful brands in the world. We are creative thinkers and executional doers who love to co-create and collectively shape content for audiences who have high expectations of the companies they work for and the brands they choose to follow.

Work We Make 

We believe in the ATTENTION-GRAB. A magical combination of familiarity, surprise; and story.

We establish trust through familiarity. We strategically introduce surprises to captivate. For the hat-trick, we weave this dynamic duo into a compelling story for truly unmissable, unforgettable moments.

Our Culture

The characteristics of our culture are best described as fresh and energetic!

We were founded with the intention to be a next-generation agency, one that is responsive to change and with a constant buzz of creative activity. Sixteen years later, a shared enthusiasm for creative playfulness and high-energy runs through our people, our client relationships and more often than not, the creative work we put out into the world.​​ 

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