Merchant Cantos​ 

MerchantCantos is an international creative communications agency, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Dubai. We bring creativity to business-critical communications across investor communications, sustainability, employee engagement and brand.

In 2019, MerchantCantos produced 368 film and live projects from our global offices. Films were produced throughout Europe, Asia, The Americas and Africa.

We produce a huge variety of film work including global multi-disciplinary campaigns, creative work around deals and time-sensitive announcements, brand films, live streams of all sorts, drama, features, short and long-form documentaries, motion graphics, animation and tailored social media film.

In addition, we have a world-class webcasting team. Webcasting enables you to expand your audience and meet full, fair and timely disclosure requirements. MerchantCantos has been working with clients to manage and deliver live webcasts since 2001, our dedicated project management team combine comprehensive broadcast production skills, cutting-edge, secure streaming technology, and extensive experience of working with senior management.

In 2019, our film and live work won 38 awards for effectiveness and creativity. We were also voted by Televisual Magazine as the UK’s 4th Corporate Production Company.

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