September means one thing: it’s back to school time! So for this month’s member feature article we asked our members to send in their work inspired by the theme of education! From work inaugural ceremonies to virtual platforms to talent attraction, our members have shared with us some fantastic examples of work responding to the education sector.


Inspired Films take us on a journey through St Dunstan’s College


In this high concept promotional school film for South London-based independent school St Dunstan’s College, Inspired were tasked with making a film that would stand out from the crowd, eschewing the traditional talking heads format, instead creating a commercial feel, but one that demonstrated depth and layering that reflected the vision and ethos of the school. “Welcome to St Dunstan’s” takes the viewer on a unique & exciting education journey that goes beyond simple exam qualifications.

Shot over five days and featuring unscripted interviews with 40+ students, this is both a seamless physical & metaphorical journey through St Dunstan’s from the 1st day of nursery to graduation, filmed in-situ documentary-style in real world situations across the school.

Shot on Alexa, with Cooke lenses, the film was a winner at both the 2019 EVCOM Clarion and EVCOM Film Awards.


fresh turn Big Bang Fair digital for 2020


Working with Engineering UK on the Big Bang Fair, an annual celebration of STEM for over 80,000 young people, is one of our favourite events in the calendar, so we were sad to see it cancelled in 2020. However, working together quickly to deliver an alternative before the end of the academic year, we re-imagined the fair as an online event.

Creating a bespoke microsite for the event, it held live content, an interactive quiz and activity sheets for the audience go engage with. We designed wireframes for pre, during and post event, as well as mobile versions for each of these. With a packed programme of inspiring speakers throughout the day, as well as an interactive chat function, our solution more than met the expectations of our client, with nearly 28,000 visitors over the course of the live online event day.

Behind the scenes the entire event was run by the fresh team through a control desk that managed the incoming streams and delivered the outgoing feed. Throughout the event a moderated live chat also ran to allow visitors to interact with the presenters, ask questions and start discussions. Following the event, we provided detailed statistics which allowed the team at Engineering UK to gain an insight into which topics within the event were most engaging, helping them to shape future content.


Experience Event Launch Lloyds Banking Group’s Virtual HQ 


How do you run an attraction campaign at UK Universities across the country… without actually being on campus? As the new academic year is poised to begin, universities have turned to virtual teaching, phased returns and social bubbles within departments and halls to allow students back. But the new norm on campus has caused disruption to the usual careers services and fairs.

On the 7th September we launched an Autumn 2020 attraction campaign for Lloyds Banking Group, in the form of a Virtual HQ.

The Virtual HQ allows students a chance to explore a virtual office. Each floor of the office features a challenge which allows students to discover more about our careers and culture at Lloyds. Each of the floors is aligned with a key value or initiative at Lloyds, from Diversity and Inclusion, Well being, and Sustainability, among others. These are brought to life through 360º experiences, puzzles, interactive spaces and more.

And finally, students can engage with Live events. From 1-1 Chats to Employer Presentations, students can book their place in sessions to dive even deeper into culture at Lloyds. The campaign will be running until the end of the year. One week since the launch we have had over 5000 unique visitors to the site. You can view the full digital campaign here:


Enterprise Screen cover the inauguration of new university President


The University of Mary Washington approached Enterprise Screen to look at covering the inauguration of their new university President.  Initially, they wanted to cover the ceremony and perhaps add some interviews.  We gave them these options but simultaneously presented an alternative idea.  We believed that they had an opportunity to reach further with their new appointment, bringing some personality but also a much valued opportunity to engage their target audience with content that helped showcase the direction the university was headed.

The New Guy, a 6 part, episodic series was the first piece of content that moved away from this more traditional and perhaps less-creative methodology.  It is still to date the most popular video content (across all platforms) they have created and they continue to innovate with video.  We loved making it and we love it when clients are brave enough to try something different.


Studio Giggle celebrates nurses and inspires students


Last March we worked alongside the NHS to create a campaign to encourage nurses to feel proud of their jobs and to inspire others to join the profession. We wanted to create a video that would help to break moulds and address the issues head-on. The film premiered at the 2019 Rock Assembly, organised by Transformation Trust. The Rock Assembly is an annual ‘futures fair’ that attracts over 10,000 school and college students from across the country. It combines education, inspiration and motivation for the future, with fun and memorable experiences. Our film was played on the main stage of Wembley Arena in front of the 10,000 school and college students, before a performance by Professor Green. The reaction in the room was electric and moved some of the NHS staff attending the event. Felix Manders-Wilde, an undergraduate Nurse at the University of York was one of them, he said; ‘This film is hard hitting, honest and true. So brilliantly put together. Effective not just for those who are not aware of nursing as a profession, but nurses too. It made me feel proud’. Our aim for the video was always to highlight how brilliant nurses are in the NHS, but to think that it could have also inspired just some of the 10,000 people who attended the Rock Assembly is really special to us.


Raw London Develops a game-changing educational video platform 


Raw London worked closely with RCGP to develop a game-changing educational video platform that has now benefited more than 8,000 aspiring medics. The free interactive platform, Observe GP, is designed as an alternative to work experience to help young people aged 16 or over gain valuable insights required for their application to study medicine. More here.

Thank you so much to each of our members who contributed their work to this month’s member feature article! Some inspiring and varied examples of work created in or around the education sector.

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