Hi there! I’m Marie Savannah Chigbu Powell, a Distinction-grade Brit School graduate with a decade of Versatile Arts and half a decade of Production experience. With a warm, bubbly persona and strong work ethic, I excel in diverse roles such as Hospitality, Social Media/Marketing, Acting, Radio Production, and more. Currently an Intern at BBC within Radio Production/Live Music & Event’s – I’m known for my adaptability, open-mindedness, and dedication to continuous growth, as evidenced by numerous awards, including the Jack Petchy Achievement Award, City Lions Mentoring Certification, and AQA Young Lambeth Co-Operative Young Assessor Award. As an EVCOM Next Gen Member, I look forward to learning, connecting, and creating within the vibrant EVCOM community!
Connect with me: 
@m4rieluna – on IG
@m4rieluna – on Twitter
‘Marie Luna Savannah Chigbu Powell’ – on Linkedin
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