Kent Ibe Samuel Chizuoke Okwesa

I am a black British queer creative, who has the drive and passion to tell stories from the underrepresented perspective of black british queer people. I want to show a more nuanced representation of black British queer people in every day spaces, through the genres of drama, romance, fantasy and mystery.
At the age of fourteen I wrote my first short story inspired by Greek mythology and came second in a creative writing competition at my secondary school. Then at fifteen, I attempted to write a novel about an obnoxiously loud trouble making thirteen year old secondary school student – unfortunately I never finished writing the novel, as creative writing did not creatively fulfil me enough at the time so I took a three year break from writing. After those three years, I decided to jump straight into screen writing and wrote my first feature film length screen play about a boy who is cursed to bursts into flames when dancing for others and not themselves. Then wrote another feature the following year and sent that script to a film and Tv producer, who convinced me to develop the script into a series. Despite the mentorship, I encountered the competitive nature of the industry, struggling to sell my scripts to production and streaming companies.
Undaunted by the challenges, I am now focused on creating my first self-funded professionally made short film. I am also working on a series of homemade short films that showcase my visual storytelling abilities.
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