Hello! I’m Kanishka, a passionate digital marketer with a strong foundation in social media management and content creation. My journey in the industry began during my studies at Loughborough University, where I pursued an MSc in Digital Creative Media, focusing on digital media audiences, market analysis, and media production.
I’ve had the opportunity to apply my skills in various roles, including as a Freelance Social Media Manager and UGC Content Creator, where I honed my ability to develop high-quality content and analyse social media metrics. At Lees Spiritual Healing LTD, I successfully led TikTok and Reels campaigns, significantly increasing brand engagement and awareness through strategic SEO and optimisation strategies.
My academic background in Business and Management from Queen Mary University of London, coupled with hands-on experience in digital marketing, has equipped me with a solid understanding of marketing principles and consumer behaviour. I thrive on using data-driven insights to drive marketing decisions and am eager to contribute to innovative campaigns that resonate with audiences.
Outside of work, I enjoy staying updated with industry trends and exploring new ways to enhance digital strategies. I’m excited about the opportunity to further develop my skills and contribute to impactful projects.
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