My journey in the industry began with my fascination/ love for storytelling and a desire to bring narratives to life. Graduating with a 1st class Degree in Applied Theatre in 2021, I embarked on a journey that led me to explore various roles creative roles in theatre and film. From directing and producing new musicals to directing and producing my first short film, ‘Waiting’, that was showcased at Theatre Deli as part of Delivision, I have immersed myself in the creative process, learning and growing with each project. My commitment to nurturing young talent and pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling has been the driving force behind my work, and I am excited to continue this journey of artistic exploration and innovation in the film industry. My bumpy journey into the arts, led me to founding a company dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to succeed in the industry. Including a strand in Film. Where I hope to develop as an individual artist and encourage support other young film-makers in their journey. The company is called the, Artists’ Movement for Developing Artistry.
Connect with me: 
Instagram : @elena_yianni
Twitter / X: @elena_yianni25
Website: www.elenayianni.com
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