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Muriel Holdsworth, Managing Director EMEA, INVNT

For some time, my ambition has been to play an active role in a prestigious organisation such as EVCOM. Winning IVCA and Eventia awards in the past has always made for proud moments, and proven a defining part of my professional life.

A diverse career path has exposed me to the whole spectrum of roles within the agency structure, leading to my position as Managing Director EMEA at INVNT. I’ve developed in-­‐depth knowledge of our industry in Britain, Europe and around the globe. Most importantly, my journey has taught me to understand what strong agencies—those who drive change and advance the industry—are all about. I’ve learned what inspiring work which pushes the boundaries should look like and how to nurture satisfied clients, who with us progress brand communications.

I feel indebted to an industry that has fulfilled my ambitions as a professional woman. I wake up excited by the challenges that lie ahead, and commit each day to sharing my passion with colleagues and clients alike. Moving forward, I aim to impact the wider industry, by encouraging agencies to aim not just for the best that they can do, but for the best that can be done.