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John Earnshaw, Senior Account Executive, Integro/ACJ

Integro ACJ works closely with EVCOM, who we look upon as a valued partner, and if nominated towards the Board, I would like to think that whatever work I can do to promote EVCOM’s interests and those of its membership, would be a positive way with which I can give something back in to the industries that you represent.

In my role as an Insurance Broker I work closely with a huge cross section of different clients, who work in fields across the entire spectrum of EVCOM’s broad membership base.  This gives me an appreciation of many of their different business concerns, such as the way in which clients must adapt to changing customer needs; new technologies; the vagaries of different economic cycles, and the effects this can have on market confidence, and the messages their customer’s wish to portray.

Working with these members, gives me a good perspective that comes from someone who is both part of the industry, whilst also being sufficiently distanced to give another view on matters.