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EVCOM Partner’s Charter

The EVCOM Partner’s Charter 

EVCOM is keen to work with partners across all sectors in order to expand the representation of the industry by EVCOM and also to work with partners on a mutually beneficial basis to gain visibility across the industry.

A Partner of EVCOM will benefit from:

*Exposure across the full portfolio of EVCOM events across the year including the EVCOM Live  Awards, EVCOM Screen  Awards, EVCOMference,, seminars and educational events, The Fellowship Lunch, networking and social events.

*The opportunity to reach out to all EVCOM Member contacts and Associate Contacts. At the time of writing this amounts to over 20,000 senior contacts across all sectors of the industry.

*As well as ensuring prominent visibility, the chance to entertain your guests at EVCOM events during the year

*The potential for senior members of your company to be elected as part of the EVCOM Board and/or working groups.

A Partner to EVCOM agrees:

*To have regular conversations in order to maximize the partnership throughout the year and to discuss latest developments both of the Partner and of EVCOM.

*To allow promotion of the partnership on the EVCOM website via logo and link as well as in relevant communications across the membership and associates. This includes both promotion to the Membership Database and the Associate Database.

*To use its best endeavours to promote the partnership according to the brand guidelines of EVCOM as below and not to issue any materials carrying the EVCOM’s brands without the written permission of EVCOM. Likewise EVCOM agrees not to use the Partner’s branding without the expressed permission of the Partner and to follow any brand guidelines provided by the Partner.

*That all press releases and newsletters promoting the partnership will be passed by the Partner and by EVCOM prior to distribution.

*To be a fully paid member of EVCOM during the full term of the Partnership either inclusive or exclusive of the Partnership Agreement.

*To show the EVCOM logo where appropriate on its website and where possible to include a link to the EVCOM website.

*That partnership with EVCOM is not an endorsement by EVCOM of the services of the partner and should not be promoted as such.

Levels of Partnership: 

There are 5 levels of Partnership :

Platinum Partnership

Gold Partnership

Silver Partnership

Bronze Partnership

Strategic Partnership

The level of Partnership is dictated by:

a)     The value invested into the Partnership in cash or service.

b)     Whether or not other practitioners in the same sectors are already partners (in the case of Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Partners only).

Partnerships are SECTOR EXCLUSIVE per level other than Strategic Partners. For example, if you are a Platinum Partner then no other company that you would consider to be a rival can be a Platinum Partner (although they may be at another Partner level). Likewise with Gold, Silver and Bronze Partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships are not sector exclusive and include Media Partners.

*The annual entry levels to each level of partnership are as follows:

a)         Strategic Partnership – £10,000 per year (may include contra)

b)        Bronze Partnership – £15,000 per year

c)         Silver Partnership – £20,000 per year

d)        Gold Partnership – £30,000 per year

e)         Platinum Partnership – £40,000 or more per year

Here are the EVCOM Brand Guidelines 

Here is a Template Partnership Agreement