Corporate Punk

Led by change experts Phil Lewis and Claire Croft, Corporate Punk helps businesses create, lead and manage the change they need with the people they’ve got.

The team’s background in the creative, events and communications industries lends the business an outlook and set of skills that are wholly different to those offered by traditional consultants. Unlike other organisations that specialise in change, the practice is focused on harnessing human ingenuity to unlock organisational performance. A simple principle informs all Corporate Punk’s work: that businesses do not lack talent or ideas, but often that the way they are organised suppresses both.

The Corporate Punk team believes that direct, open and compassionate conversations are key to unlocking talent within the organisation. Clients include Sony Music, the BBC, Invesco and Google – proof that a more human focused approach to change is delivering tangible commercial results, and helping businesses of all kinds to thrive through uncertainty.

What is Corporate Punk:

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