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EVCOM Statement following Theresa May’s Brexit Speech

EVCOM has welcomed the clear direction provided in the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday regarding Brexit, but concerns remain over the consequences of leaving the single market.

EVCOM CEO Steve Garvey commented: ‘Our members are determined to make a success of Brexit and the association will support them in the new environment by continuing to offer feedback to government regarding our industry’s needs. We look forward to helping members develop new opportunities in global markets.’

‘Major uncertainties remain for the live and visual communication industry. We now know leaving the EU single market is the only option, but no-one knows what that may mean in practice.’

EVCOM members have three main concerns:

  • The movement of goods and people around Europe, as the return of border controls and potentially tariffs will complicate international projects and increase costs.
  • There is a real risk of a skills shortage in future.
  • There is also uncertainty over the inflationary effects of Brexit due to the devaluation of sterling since the referendum, despite yesterday’s rise in the £. While this has made our members’ services more competitive to buyers and visitors from overseas, the impact on costs is already being felt.

We will consult agency and production company heads at forthcoming leaders’ summits, and will ensure feedback is channelled to the Brexit government departments.