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Awards Entry

EVCOM's awards schemes cover every aspect of live, visual and digital communication, as well as the unique EVCOM Industry Awards that celebrate the very best of the best of in all integrated disciplines.

Here is what you need to know about entering EVCOM's prestigious awards schemes. Entering is easier than ever!

Start by clicking on the 'Awards Scheme' button below and choosing your scheme from the drop down menu. Select your categories and complete all the entry details. You can save your entry at any time by clicking the Save button.

You can enter your project into more than one awards scheme at the same time. To do this please go back to the 'Awards Scheme' button, pick the second scheme from the drop down menu and then tick relevant categories. The details from the original entry will automatically be saved.

The content of the original entry will be copied onto the next chosen scheme but you will be able to edit it if needed. Once you click the 'Pay for your entry' button, you will see all the schemes and categories you have entered your project into.

From late March until late April all four schemes (Screen Awards, Live Awards, Clarion Awards and Industry Awards) will be open for entry simultaneously.


EVCOM Screen Awards

See the list of 2016 Winners here.  The EVCOM Screen Awards at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly are the premium awards for corporate film and branded digital content. The EVCOM Screen Awards 2017 are now open for entry until 21st April and the winners’ ceremony will take place on 23rd June, reflecting the pinnacle of the art of corporate film-making.

EVCOM Live Awards

See the list of 2016 winners hereThe EVCOM Live Awards honour outstanding business and consumer events in the UK and globally. Recognising the very best work by agencies and the brand managers who commission them, the EVCOM Live Awards celebrate world class events of every discipline. The 2017 entries will open from March until June and the winners’ ceremony will take place in September.

EVCOM Clarion Awards

See the list of 2016 Winners here.  The EVCOM Clarion Awards are the leading event and communication awards that recognise performance in CSR and sustainability, including environment, diversity, equality, community, charity initiatives, education, ethical, health and welfare issues. The 2017 entries will open from February until May and the ceremony will take place in July.                                                                                                                                                                                 

EVCOM Industry Awards

The EVCOM Industry Awards is a new scheme that brings together the best of the best of all sectors of the industry – live, film and digital – for a gala night encompassing the most prestigious categories of the EVCOM Live, Screen and Clarion Awards, along with new categories reflecting the integrated communication industry. The 2017 entries will be open from March until October and the ceremony will take place in November.

How to enter

Select the awards you wish to enter
Enter your details and tell us about your entry
Upload a video and/or other supporting materials
Confirm and pay or add additional entries

1. Choose an award

EVCOM Clarion Awards

Awards entry is currently closed for the EVCOM Clarion Awards.

EVCOM Live Awards

Awards entry is currently closed for the EVCOM Live Awards.

EVCOM Industry Awards

Awards entry is currently closed for the EVCOM Industry Awards.

EVCOM Screen Awards 2017

Please tick the categories you would like to enter

If you require further information on how to enter or the rules of entry please click here. If you are not 100% sure which category your event fits then please submit it anyway with a note to that effect and we will review it. The judges have the right to move a project to a different category if they believe it is better suited elsewhere. Any problems with uploading your entry or any other queries regarding your awards entry, please email or call 020 7287 1002. Closing date for entries is 21st April 2017. Good luck!

Category Description Select category

Creative and effective design and use of animation. Digital distribution provides new channels for delivering animation to multiple devices, a range of screen sizes and audiences in differing locations. Judges will look for content that uses new and traditional methods to reach audiences, and which demonstrates clear creative thinking to achieve the client’s goals.


Screen content that is produced for the third sector; charities and not-for-profit organisations. This category has amazing stories to tell and entries should aim to show how their project delivered exceptional results with creativity and innovation. Judges may take into account the budget restrictions that voluntary organisations typically work under.


Outstanding cinematography. The visual impact of a film can make the difference between success and failure. Continuous technical innovation offers better quality images and more flexibility than ever, so judges will look for films that fully integrate exceptional cinematography into the production, perhaps in ways that have never been done before.


A film or series of films that connect strongly with a social media campaign or are the central content of the campaign. Judges will look for work that has reached an audience over a series of social media platforms and has been innovative in integrating with other content. Don't forget to share feedback, engagement scores and any evidence you have that your film really hit the mark.


Outstanding direction. Directors see the whole project in their head and work at every stage of the production process to deliver that vision to the screen. Entries should aim to show how direction has made a project a success with a clear reference to the client’s communication objectives and to what extent they were achieved.


For unrivalled documentary programme making. Successful factual films can have a profound impact on an organisation’s culture because they have an authenticity that the audience engages with. Judges will look for examples that use the documentary form to best effect, and reasons why it was the best form for the project.


Outstanding drama-based film making.  Corporate film offers exceptional opportunities to use drama to engage audiences, especially when they are overwhelmed with content from digital and social media. Great drama brings stories to life and stays in the memory long after being watched. Entries should aim to show how they developed the client’s messages into a drama that exceeded the project’s objectives.


For the most original, creative and effective editing. All production elements have to come together in the edit and editors need a deep understanding of all aspects of film-making to complete an outstanding film. Judges will look for the contribution the editor(s) made and how it was a key part of a successful project.


Projects with the aim of informing, educating and improving health and safety. This category offers a wide range of creative options for producers, and better outcomes can also be measured successfully. Judges may look for screen content that brings to life areas which are highly regulated but essential parts of commerce and industry.


The most outstanding film achieved with a budget of under £15,000. Digital and social media have made production and distribution more accessible than ever. Judges will be looking for projects that have seized these opportunities to reach new heights of creativity and impact with modest budgets.


Live streaming commissioned by a corporate brand. This includes broadcast, webcast, live 360 video, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype and other platforms used for live video. Judges will be looking for creativity, technical expertise and evaluation that show streaming delivering results for a brand.


Screen content commissioned to build and support an organisation’s external reputation. Entries should demonstrate their success in interpreting the client’s core messages and communicating them successfully to defined target audiences. The judges will be looking for evidence of success.


Original music that has been specifically written or recomposed which significantly enhances the experience and impact of the film. The judges will look for examples of how music has both reflected the creative themes of the film and added further value to them.


The film or digital startup business that is making waves in corporate communication. Entrants must have started operating after 1st January 2015 and will be judged on their entrepreneurial spirit, ability to break new ground creatively and technically, and their business performance. Moving image content must be a key element of the company’s offering but does not need to be the only product. EVCOM will assemble a judging panel of brand communication managers to judge this category and shortlisted entrants will be invited to present in person before the judges.


Projects produced with the aim of selling, promoting and informing either B2B or B2C. Successful video content works as a central component of a campaign and engages target audiences in a world where content is everywhere. The judges will look for clear sales results as well as creativity and originality.


Moving image content produced to aid internal branding, talent acquisition, recruitment and induction. This category represents screen content that makes a real impact on recruits, either to attract them to the client business or to brief them when they join. The judges will be looking for a compelling presentation of the client’s brand values and a measurable impact on the client’s business.


The most talented newcomer to the corporate  film and visual communication industry. Candidates must have a maximum of two years’ experience in the industry, and may be an employee, freelancer or contractor. If self-employed, candidates should present two references that can be contacted by a judges’ representative. The judges will look for evidence of outstanding work that shows an ability to learn quickly, solve problems and produce innovative solutions – in other words, star potential.


Screen content is changing along with the technology that is used to show it. The judges are looking for best use of innovative technologies such as 360 virtual reality, very large screens at live events, augmented reality, video brochures, live streaming etc. It is essential that you supply data on the effect achieved and on return on the client's investment.


For the most original, creative and effective script. Excellent writing is the foundation on which successful screen projects are built. Entries should demonstrate how they understood and developed the client’s brief into the final script.


Screen content produced to support training, development and education. Submissions should demonstrate their effectiveness either as a standalone project or as part of a broader training programme.


For creative and effective design and use of VFX and motion graphics. Animation is now a separate category so the judges are looking for effects and motion graphics that support the client’s objectives with originality, creativity and brilliant execution.

2. About your entry

Title of entry*
Company name*
Client's name*
Your email address*
Approach to brief * ?

Approach to brief

Please start your submission by describing the brief in one sentence to help the judges' understanding. You should then expand on the brief by outlining the objectives and any limitations or key criteria that had to be fulfilled.

Your solution and its delivery * ?

Your solution and its delivery

What were the key ideas and production elements? Why were they chosen for this specific project? How were they delivered? Please outline any other factors that had to be overcome such as adverse weather or material changes to circumstances.

Impact and effectiveness * ?

Impact and effectiveness

Did your solution meet the brief and achieve its objectives? How was the effectiveness measured? Please provide us with any additional data, evaluation or statistics you may have to support your entry.


3. Your video and supporting files

Please paste a link to your film from YouTube or Vimeo into the fields below. Alternatively you can upload up to two video files.

Supporting documents may be uploaded in fields for optional material, we recommend these should be brief. Please note we cannot accept physical files delivered to the EVCOM office.


… or you can upload a video (e.g. .mov, .mp4, .avi, .mpg) here. We recommend you do not upload extremely large video files as judges may have difficulty in viewing them.

Please wait until all files have been uploaded before progressing


Optional supporting material (e.g. Word documents, JPEG images, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations)

Please wait until all files have been uploaded before progressing

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